Sedation Dentistry in North Attleborough & Swansea

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Conscious oral sedation is a mild form of sedation that allows you to relax during your dental procedure while still remaining awake and responsive. We use conscious oral sedation in conjunction with local anesthetic injections to ensure that you’re calm and comfortable during your dental treatment. 

We choose to offer conscious oral sedation because it is a safe form of sedation dentistry with few side effects. You will be prescribed a medication to take before your appointment; after taking the medication, you’ll begin to feel relaxed and sleepy. Because of this, you’ll need to arrange to have someone drive you to and from your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conscious Oral Sedation

Will I sleep through my procedure with conscious oral sedation?

It’s possible that you might doze off briefly at some point during your treatment with conscious oral sedation, but most patients stay fully awake throughout. After your procedure is over, you may remember exactly what happened or you might only remember some parts of the procedure.

Is conscious oral sedation safe?

Yes, conscious oral sedation is very safe—that’s why we choose to offer it at our practice. The danger with the other common form of conscious sedation, which is administered with an IV, is that it’s easy for patients to slip into a deep unconscious state and have breathing difficulties. This isn’t a factor with conscious oral sedation.

Do you feel pain with oral sedation?

We use oral sedation and local anesthetic injections together, keeping you calm, comfortable, and pain-free throughout your procedure.

Can you talk during conscious oral sedation?

Yes, you can speak and respond to questions with conscious oral sedation.

Is conscious oral sedation safer than general anesthesia?

Absolutely. General anesthesia is safe as well, but there are far fewer risks involved with conscious oral sedation than there are with general anesthesia. General anesthesia is usually only administered in a hospital setting for this reason.

What are the side effects of conscious oral sedation?

The side effects depend upon the medication you are prescribed, but most are mild. They include lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness. As the medication wears off, so too will any side effects that you experience.

How long does conscious oral sedation last?

This depends on the drug we prescribe to you, the dosage, and your sensitivity. Most of the time, the effects will begin to wear off within a few hours of your procedure, although you will not be able to drive for 24 hours afterwards as a safety precaution.

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