What Are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

What Are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Before deciding on the type of crown you need, you first need to know that you need a crown and not just a filling.

During your office visit, the dentist will thoroughly examine your case and discuss possible treatment. A crown is often suggested for those who have:

  • Weakened teeth due to a cavity or decay
  • To help a cracked natural tooth
  • To replace a filling
  • To cover an implant
  • To align your bite
  • To achieve a more beautiful smile

Keep reading for more information on the process for getting a dental crown, as well as the different types of dental crowns.

Process for Getting a Dental Crown

The process for each patient is different when determining if they need a crown and which type. Overall, the general process looks like this:

  • The dentist will remove decay, perform a root canal, or provide the necessary procedure to prepare your tooth for a crown.
  • Once the tooth is restored, the dentist will take a mold of the tooth and surrounding areas so that the crown fits perfectly.
  • A temporary crown is provided until the permanent one is available.
  • In roughly one week’s time, the permanent crown is ready.

5 Different Types of Dental Crowns

Gold Crowns

Made from a combination of metals like copper, nickel, and chromium, gold crowns are known for their durability and strength. Obviously, gold crowns do not look like natural teeth but depending on the patient’s unique situation, gold crowns are often the preferred option for dentists. This is because they’re best for posterior restorations and require a lesser portion of your natural tooth to be removed.

Porcelain Crowns

Made entirely from porcelain, this type of crown is most popular because of its natural look. Plus, it matches other teeth in size and shape. Gold crowns are a popular option for back teeth, but porcelain crowns are the best for front teeth restoration. It’s important to know that porcelain crowns are long-lasting but not as strong as metal crowns.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

PFM, porcelain fused to metal, crowns give the patient the desired aesthetics while providing durability. The metal structure provides patients with the confidence of long-lasting strength, and the porcelain coat that covers the cap allows for a natural look. For those who clench their teeth, this type of crown will easily wear down.

Zirconia Crowns

A newer type of material on the market is zirconium. This also combines the natural look of porcelain with the durability of metal. One reason many people choose this type is that it can be cut and shaped inside the office.

E-Max Crowns

One of the newest types of crowns on the market is E-Max. Made of lithium disilicate, this all-ceramic crown offers great aesthetics and strength. Another advantage is that this type of crown is great for both back and front restorations.

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